Vinoka Coolers and Ciders

**Apple Cider $49.95 **
The delicate acidity of the Granny Smith and the fine aromas of the Spartan, Gala and Golden Delicious apples make Apple Cider popular and enjoyable for any occasion. Finished dry or medium dry, sparkling or still, they taste fresh from the tree.

**Peach Cider $49.95**
The sweet natural aromas and the creamy peach colors of this soft, tree-ripened fruit are fully transferred into rich and refreshing, sparkling or still Peach Ciders.

**Hard Lemonade Cooler $49.95**
Vinokaís Hard Lemonade Cooler is refreshing lemonade with a kick. This slightly sour golden nectar of the Gods is thought to be a great source of vitamin C, but you wonít find this at your neighborhood lemonade stand!

**Vinoka Ice Cooler $49.95**
Vinoka Ice tastes like a carbonated light Vodka Ice drink with lush flavors of citrus fruits. Itís a fabulous blend of natural ingredients

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